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Call for Papers: A Special Issue on Developmental Plant Cell Biology, in honour of Peter Barlow

From Root Biology, via Plant Cytoskeleton, Polarity, Gravity, Plant Signalling and Intelligence, Biological Rhythms up to Patterns, and Evolution of Eukaryotic Cells

Peter Barlow
Peter Barlow

Recently, Peter Barlow (latterly Research Fellow at the University of Bristol, UK), formerly of Long Ashton Research Station (UK), Letcombe Laboratory (Wantage, UK), and Cambridge University’s Unit of Developmental Botany, passed away. Peter was a multi-talented individual with interests in many aspects of plant biology. A Special Issue of the Annals of Botany is planned as a tribute to Peter’s achievements and major contributions to plant science and will be edited by Prof. František Baluška, Prof. Dieter Volkmann, and Dr Nigel Chaffey.

We therefore present this call for submission of papers for the Special Issue with a focus on root growth and development, the quiescent centre, plant cytoskeleton, polarity, gravitational plant biology, plant signalling and intelligence, biological rhythms, pattern formation and modelling, and evolution of eukaryotic cells.

All categories of manuscript are welcomed including review articles, primary research articles and viewpoints [See the AoB Author Information for Authors].

Manuscripts must be concisely written in clear English, and meet the criteria for the Annals of Botany of being novel, substantial and making a difference to plant science. All papers in that Special Issue will be refereed against those criteria, and the usual standards for an international journal.

If you have a manuscript that you would like to be considered for this Special Issue of the Annals of Botany, please send an outline (Title, Author(s) and 250–500 words) to no later than 3rd July 2017. If the abstract is approved for consideration in the Special Issue, articles must be received via AoB’s submission portal before 4th September 2017 in order to be considered for inclusion in the Special Issue, subject to peer review.


The Annals of Botany Office is based at the University of Oxford.

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